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Ascot Site Solutions was established in 1973 on the original principle of supplying hostels with affordable products and innovative solutions to improve their day to day operations. As Ascot Site Solutions grew, we began shifting our focus towards providing remote sites and other mass accommodation sectors with end to end integrated solutions that are affordable and customizable to suit every need.

More recently we have noticed that there is an enormous need in the market for Kitchen and Laundry equipment on a Rental basis.

By expanding our target market, Ascot Site Solutions has been afforded the opportunity to diversify our expertise, goals, product lines and distribution networks.

Today, with all the vast experience we have gained, Ascot Site Solutions is equipped with a wealth of knowledge of all the challenges within these sectors, how to resolve them accordingly with ease, therefore creating the optimal environment for your guests as well as staff.

Our reliability and passion speaks for itself and we are proud about delivering innovative Rental Solutions that suit our customers unique needs.

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